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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is anything that drives ads, engagement or clicks through online channels. Online channels include things like search engines, websites, social media, email and even mobile apps. Nearly 50% of people start their research with search engines according to Think with Google. This makes having a website that's heavy in keywords and a strategy of SEO critical if you want to rank with Google and show up in search results. Digital marketing is growing and should be, especially as we've seen more businesses and workers move online. Rethinking traditional efforts like direct mail and combining them with a digital strategy can help improve effectiveness and improve traffic and demand for your product or service.

Strong customer engagement strategies using digital channels can help companies retain customers. A study by Invesp said these strategies retain an average of nearly 90% of their customers compared to other businesses with limited customer engagement marketing that had a retention of only 33%. Digital marketing is important not just for growing your business, but for keeping the customers you already have. Find out more about how I helped a company optimize their digital strategy. Ready to talk- book a quick chat with me. It's free, and we'll brainstorm what might help you achieve your goals.

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