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How do you attract new customers? 4 quick ideas.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

When we first start our business, we can get consumed with the service and the offering. Passion in business is so critical if we're going to connect with our customers. But, before we can do that, we have to reach those customers. How do we do that? Marketing. After more than 15 years in marketing, and helping businesses reach new customers I've found the following strategies work well.

  1. Publish a Blog - share your passion on your products or services with others. Do it regularly.

  2. Advertise for free on social media platforms. Find groups who may be interested in your product and do posts.

  3. Make sure your digital assets are in order. Search engine optimize your site to attract traffic for free from Google and others. Make sure you have a Business Profile via Google to be visible in searches.

  4. Create a contest or do a 'give away' to attract people. Folks love free things- let them test or win something.

Marketing can be challenging, but it's something that builds over time. Don't get discouraged. Looking to outsource some marketing services and streamline your business further? Book your free 30 min conversation below.


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